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april 30, 2001   CMA opposes 1990 Clean Air Act amendments with teeth
april 25, 2001   On April 24, Monsanto agreed to pay $40 million to settle a lawsuit with Anniston, AL residents. In today's document of the day, from 1970, Monsanto decides not to tell Anniston residents about PCB contamination.
april 20, 2001   for Earth Day 1990, the chemical industry dumped $3 million into an ad campaign for Responsible Care
april 19, 2001   "For the public good as well as our own, we must do all we can to recover reason and sanity in this drive for a better environment."
april 16, 2001   the chemical industry takes steps to amass the "political muscle" to "play hardball"
april 13, 2001   the chemical industry targets elementary school students
april 12, 2001   a story in today's Washington Post reflects the industry's million-dollar efforts to delay reports on the dangers of chemicals
april 11, 2001   Monstanto learns that high levels of PCBs from their plant in Anniston are deforming fish in the local river
april 10, 2001   Monstanto knew the truth about its PCB emissions in Anniston, AL for decades, but never told the public
april 9, 2001   can industry be trusted to police itself?
april 6, 2001   the CMA State Affairs Committee reports triumphs in dumbing down Right-to-Know legislation
april 5, 2001   "we should tell [women] how our research and our products have made their lives easier and more enjoyable"
april 4, 2001   CMA's artificial grassroots program attempts to weaken Superfund
april 3, 2001   Monsanto realizes that PCB emissions from its Anniston, AL plant are out of control
april 2, 2001   Tabershaw/Cooper's crude references to dead workers
march 30, 2001   why chemical companies that produced vinyl chloride failed to inform the public about the dangers of using hairspray
march 29, 2001   excerpts from the 1998 deposition of Monsanto's Manager of Environmental Control

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